NFC & QR Code Marketing

Be at the cutting edge of technology!

A great way to promote your products or services is to harness the power of NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) codes on marketing materials such as posters, flyers, business cards, etc and making these ‘smart’: dynamic as opposed to static..

Information encoded on these materials can be used to engage with customers or facilitate data collection and validation.

In the case of marketing, one such use is the ‘talking label‘:

 • Using QR codes and/or NFC tags to enable speech output, talking labels can make it easy for people with disabilities, retail shoppers or tourists to use their smartphone (by using a QR code reader installed on their phone or enabling NFC on their compatible smartphone) to get important product information such as food allergy, nutrition facts and identification information for the visually impaired.

• This information could even be encoded in different languages.


Sherlock Holmes statue in Baker Street with the QR Code and NFC plaque
Examples of these talking labels appear on the ‘Talking Statues’ project set up for tourists in London, Manchester, Leeds, Chester and Bedford.
qrcode for demo texttospeech
Check out this ‘talking label’ demo by clicking on the image or scanning the code












This marketing functionality can be further extended to ‘smart posters’ which provide links to other sources of information about services or products.

smart poster example
An example of a ‘smart poster’, which is no longer a static document but provides dynamic content and enables users to selectively interact with it.



Examples include:

  • share contact details
  • share location map and directions
  • share video
  • link to social media channels
  • link to pdf documents
  • provide discounts & special offers
  • promote events
  • showcase a series of images
  • have customers send a pre-filled email or sms message
  • display text in any language